PTS Blue radio and cyber


Having recently completed the bronze radio course I was wondering about the badge placement as I have seen images of the cyber and radio badges being worn together, so my question is this: does my blue badge simply move upwards on the brassard and wear Blue ontop of bronze or do I fully replace it with the bronze? I appreciate your help in advance.


You will be told two conflicting answers - it isn’t written anywhere. Personally i’d replace, everyone knows you’ve done blue if you have a bronze badge on.


I think you’ll find you’re wrong.

Top one is Cyber Specialist and the bottom one is blue radio. The radio badge should always be at the bottom - and never should two be worn. Only a radio and a cyber badge may be worn together - it’s like wearing a blue A wings and a bronze A wings on the same jumper.


But the Blue is “Blue Radio & Cyber” not “Blue Radio”. So if you have a Bronze Radio why is that different to having a Bronze Cyber? Shouldn’t the Blue badgeove to the Cyber spot and still wear 2 Badges?


Please please please educate the masses, there is no blue cyber (yet)… and frankly watching a 5 minute video on panda pants and awarding a badge for it demeans the PTS

The naming was a mistake at the PTS poster stage that somehow made it into mainstream.

It is the Basic Radio Operator Badge.

There are plans for a blue cyber… we’re not superhuman though, so development takes time!

Those that retain the blue badge in the cyber position shouldn’t. End of.


Thank you for your replies, initially I wanted to simply replace the badge however id been confronted by a cwo armed with the idea that the blue badge now moves up to take the place of the cyber badge hence my confusion. But I mean this whole bloody system should have been thought out a bit better


Difference with that diagram is the blue radio (which is what it is really, the course is pretty much all radio) is in the radio position, not the cyber.


To be fair the badge location is about the only thing that was communicated well with clear diagrams. It’s not your fault that your CWO has decided to confuse matters.

You just have to look at the design of the badge to realise its a radio one and not a cyber one.


I wouldn’t say it’s that clear even AP1358C refers to it as the “Blue Radio & Cyber Awareness” Badge. Plus by being all one colour it has more in common with the Cyber Badges than the Radio Badges.


Panda pants? What about the Web cast style video from Cpl Bloggs* From RAF Thingy** about staying safe online?

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The Cyber Awareness video at Basic Radio Operator (Blue Radio Badge) level is just that, i.e. an introduction to staying safe online and is part of the Blue Radio course.

It is not a Blue Cyber Badge course and does not authorise a cadet to wear a cyber badge.

As stated earlier in this thread the Blue Cyber Badge syllabus has not been written yet and therefore no cadet is currently authorised to wear a Blue Cyber Badge.


I’d say it actually matches both, as the radio badges have blue lightning and the cyber badges have badge-coloured - clearly at blue, both are true.

Why on Earth they’re not “C” for cyber and “R” for radio I’ve no idea though!


Thank you, I believe that the CWO thought that the blue badge was for both radio and cyber as outlined in 1358c it is named Radio AND Cyber but if no one in the corps is authorised to wear a blue cyber then that clears it up nicely.