PTS Badge Images

Does anyone have images of the new Progressive training syllabus badges in a png format without the white background? There are images on ACC Drive with the white background, but this doesn’t look great on posters etc

I’ll upload the PNG versions for you. :slight_smile:

Here you go, you can find all the PNG versions of the badges here:

They are also available on SharePoint in the Training Officers Area.

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Many thanks!

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I don’t suppose you have the rank badges in the same format please? Its surprisingly difficult to find them in a format I can use!

I have the cadet ones, and the adult staff ones, but of course these will be out of date soon! But I’ve uploaded them and you can find them here:

There are other illustrations in that folder too which may be useful.

Anyone out there got images for the new adult staff rank slides?

Legend, many thanks.

Don’t forget you will also need the flying rank slides do denote the 2 winged master race.