PTS and brassard changes

Our sqn cadet FS has been sharing images from the Air and Space camp of the changes that are going to be implimented in the future to the PTS system, with the introduction of Space badges and removal of the Parachuting badges, along with other changes. How much truth is there to this; what woould the timeframe look like?

The new PTS will be launched at the Cosford Air show 2025. The announcement was made in the reprofiling document.


Which one was this? I think I’ve missed something!

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the document that said what activities we are not doing next year

Is this something cadets would have seen?

Seen? probably not, briefed on? Probably/should have, to manage expectations in 2024.

We haven’t seen anything of the sort. What else did it contain?

And i’m new to this forum. Is this a reply to the original post or a reply to your reply?

It was a reply to this from you.

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