Protecting parade shoes for travel


I’m due to be traveling for a camp (5 hour train journey and crossing London) and am struggling to think of a way to protect my parade shoes, after they were disastrously scuffed and crushed last year whilst in a shoe box.

Other than simply carrying in a separate box any ideas?

I generally carry mine in a separate box (7L “extremely handy” plastic one), covered and a bit padded. I can stick that in a case/bag or I can carry it separately. I’ve been known to travel with 3 such boxes stacked in my car boot. (another top tip if you can get away with it is to take a car :wink: )

Always take stuff to give them a touch up though.

Suitably sized “really useful box” which will fit length of shoe, the height when each shoe is turned on its side and the width of two shoes. Drill two holes in the bottom and the lid where the laces would come out of places sideways and loop the laces through the holes and tie. This will hold the shoes down in the box and avoid them being scuffed. The boxes described are sturdy to hold them safe.

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On a semi related note of protecting shoes, is it normal for Kiwi Parade Gloss to pretty much fall off at the first sight of rain? I assume it’s not however this has happened to me, only on the sides of my shoe. Went from shiny to nothing in seconds.
Any ideas how to ‘protect’ from this?

Shoe trees are a good bet too. I have started to use them in mine and they stop the shoes getting squashed out of shape, even just in a normal suitcase.

I always just stuff the paper back into the toes of my shoes, place a soft duster over the toecap and give a quick wrap in a sheet of tissue paper. Then they go into their original shoebox and that goes into my suitcase or deployment bag.

Never had a problem, ever.
I think that you’ve just got to pack with a bit of thought.

As a cadet, I always stuck to Kiwi Black Polish, not parade gloss, just the simple black. I found the gloss had a habit of cracking after a certain period of time. Stick to the regular black polish by Kiwi and you can’t go wrong! :slight_smile:

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I used Kiwi Parade Gloss from the outset, never had any issues - but my shoes were bees-waxed initially & with triple leather soles, so much less flexing of the toe cap. Remainder of shoes also “bulled” with Parade Gloss, also no problems.

For transporting them, I used the original shoe box, duster over the toe caps & some of the black protective foam as used in hard-cased carrying boxes for cameras/electronic equipment.

I second the ‘take a car’ suggestion, I always put mine in a car and haven’t had any issues.