Propellor models

Looking for a propellor centrepiece, for table decorations at a wedding.

Really struggling to find something of a decent size without being too big, but without being too small.

Like an upright prop in a little stand. I was hoping for 5 of them, without remortgaging. A tall order I know.

Anyone able to help? Really struggling!

How big?

Can’t think of anything off the shelf.

You might be able to get a larger scale Airfix multi engine job or similar and cannibalise the props off it.

Paint with rattle can in colour of your choice.

3D printing could also work, but might cost more.

I was thinking maybe a 2 foot long, then mounted on a decent base.

What I’m thinking and what’s possible might be two different things!

2 ft might be a bit big by the time you add a base. I’d maybe go for a slightly smaller prop so less chance of it falling and knocking over the wine or being used as a weapon.

What about places doing bits for R/C aircraft or even drones?

Something like this?

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Would something like this work?

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What kind of weddings do you go to?!

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Will check these ideas out - thank you :blush:

Trust me, having been involved in the events biz, I’ve seen things one can’t unsee…


If I told my Missus I wanted a propellor on the table at our wedding she would use it as a weapon!


Have you thought of finding a local man in board shorts, a Polo shirt, sandals, with a BMW on the drive and asking if he could 3D print something in his garage?

I, er, have no idea what the 3D printing stereotype is…

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I have full sign off… fortunately my love of aviation was there before I met my o/h… he knew what he was getting into!!