Promotional Handouts

Who’s responisbility is it to provide promotional handouts (flyers, branded stationary etc) for use at PR events and recruitment?

I’ve seems pencils, pens, rulers, keyrings, drawstring bags and baseball caps etc etc in the past as well as generic “reach for the skies” A5 flyers with someone usually flying/gliding with the website plastered on it.

We’ve purchased some business cards(with Facebook URL, address and timings as well as contact details) to hand out with the stock that we currently have along with excess copies of the Magazines but we’re running out and I’ve been told that new stock was to be ordered from Graphics at Cranwell. I would have thought there would be a stockpile nearby to pick up from if needed at short notice?

Also does anyone know of any deals we can get customised posters/flyers/banners on the cheap?

Vista print does some good offeres at times, I recently got 250 premium cards printed for only a tenner delivered.

Try your wing media and Comms bod, they might have some stuff.

Always found ours to be quite handy. He seems to “know someone” for everything like that.