Promotion Presentation

Hi everyone! I’m going to start by saying this is not asking for advice for promotion. I’m simply looking for structure.

So, I’ve been asked to create a presentation as a sort of stand in for a board, I have until March to get it done.
I’m struggling with structure at the moment, for the first section I wanted to talk about myself, but I’m not sure how to lay it out on a slide.
I’ve started with a heading, “About me”, but I think it would look plain with just bullet points and I’m not sure what else I could put on it to make it look better.
I’m looking for advice on both how to structure slides and what order I should put them in.
Thank you

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A slightly odd request (from your staff not you!) but I don’t know your unit and they might have solid reasons to do this.

That said a promotion presentation - with or without slides - is fairly common in business. The link below, which isn’t a Cadet resource, likely goes into more detail than you need but could be a good starting point.

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