Promotion Matrix

At what point do HQAC start making concessions regarding the promotion matrix.

There may be very good CFAVs waiting to be promoted but can’t based on a number of factors that they can not control, ie attendance at camps etc

What do we feel like those concessions should include if any? And do we think they will do it?

What is the general feeling on the matrix as a whole anyway?

Can you not be promoted 1 rank outside the promotion matrix anyway?

The promotion ‘matrix’ (it’s not actually a matrix) is nothing more an arbitrary list of requirements whose only purpose was to supposedly put an end to the time-served promotion. It’s awful.

If I have an excellent candidate for promotion - they’re skilled, knowledgeable, competent, active in Wing teams, &c… What does it matter whether they have “attended AEF with the cadets”?

Likewise, why do I really care whether they’ve “attended a blues camp”? If they are a developing expert in their field it shouldn’t matter whether they were able to gain one of the very few staff places on camp.
Equally, someone could attend camp and be worse than useless, but they get a tick in the box towards their promotion. I’ve known it happen.

Promotion should not be based upon ticking off a set of meaningless criteria. It should be awarded to those SNCOs who stand out from their peers. A FS should be expected to have subject matter knowledge and skill beyond that of the Sgts they are senior to.
A FS should be expected to be responsible for developing and line managing those Sgts as part of a greater emphasis on staff training and development which is so sorely lacking from this organization.

A such we should be promoting those Sgts who have the capability to step up into that position of greater responsibility… EXACTLY as we do with cadet promotions. Not just rewarding a dozen people at a time for being mediocre in their present rank for 4 years.

A WO should be absolutely top of the game in their field.

The promotion matrix is being revised at the moment. I hope that we get away from the current nonsense and give some actual ‘structure’ to our rank structure.
A Wing should be bottom heavy… Plenty of Sgts working directly with cadets; a collection of skilled FS managing them and leading within their skill set; and a few WOs, each an expert in their field overseeing and directing.

Nobody should expect a ‘right’ to promotion. Not promoting someone isn’t a punishment. Promotion should be about the greater good of the organisation by placing the right people in positions to manage others. Not about ensuring that “everyone gets a prize”.
If someone remains a Sgt for 20 years because they’re only interested or able to perform the role of a Sgt - that’s absolutely fine.
It requires a subtle change of mindset.


It appears in some areas that matrix isn’t even used. I’m quite happy doing what I do at my current rank. I have no plans to go higher.

Would you mind me asking which areas would those be? If I ask the question officially I’d like to be informed

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If your face fits with the WWO you can get promoted regardless locally because we want more FS so do the 4 years and most likely it will come.

The problem with the matrix is that it goes no further than WHQ so is “more guidelines than actual rules” because there are no checks and balances in place.

The matrix seems designed by someone who doesn’t understand the full range of things staff do.
I’m really pleased that we don’t have it in the CCF and have stuck with a time served/appointment system.
For us:
Plt Off to Flg Off is two years and complete OIC
Flg Off to Flt Lt is nine years reckonable service or section commander of a big enough section
Flt Lt to Sqn Ldr is 21 years reckonable service or Contingent Commander of a big enough contingent
Wg Cdr is not time served anymore and is given on HQ approval


Heard any eta on that, been on the agenda for 18 months or so and last I heard the new rank badges put it back on the table fairly quickly…



Shame we don’t have that, I’d have half a chance of ever being promoted! :joy:


And is that confirmed, rank can’t be removed should you change roles; unpaid of course.

Love to know where it’s written down :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s in the CCF Regulations. It lists the requirements for each service. I don’t think the time served ones get taken off you, just the appointment ones if you leave. Though if you moved CCF to ATC I’m sure they would look to re rank you appropriately

RN and RM for comparison. The link to the Army one doesn’t seem to work anymore.

What about CCF SNCO matrix?

They don’t have SNCO’s on units do they?

It’s a new thing

On in the Army at the moment sadly

It’s been with the Command Board for a month or two… Beyond that an ETA is anyone’s guess I’d say.


I know at least 2 who have gotten FS with out doing blue or green camps. They do how ever do a lot on squadron. Different wings and regions do things differently. I completed my matrix 2 years ago but haven’t been promoted not that it bothers me I’m not doing it the pay or the rank. Our CO doesn’t see the point in 2 FS on squadron.

You mean Fg Off…

Plt Off
Fg Off
Flt Lt
Sqn Ldr
Wg Cdr