Project Ideas

Our squadron are doing flight projects for our upcoming spring programme. We used to teach simple skills and team building exercies. Can anyone think of any specifics we can do. Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thereโ€™s the basics like aircraft/airfield modelling (good links with aircraft recognition and airfield markings) and many squadrons use project time to build and maintain flight simulators.

My squadron maintains itsโ€™ website as a project, and another project group looks after the squadron mountain bikes. We also have a few doing their amateur radio qualifications.

If itโ€™s any help, my unit are currently doing the following three projects:

  1. Making a command task/first aid dummy - basically a realistically-moving wooden skeleton, which will be padded-out and dressed-up appropriately.

  2. Making an airfield instructional model for teaching the aircraft operation subjects (basic AS, AS knowledge, ac handling and air power)

  3. Making a shadow-board for the command-task kit