Progressive Training Syllabus


If you’re going to have badges for road marching where are the ones for sports? After all road marching is a bit niche, whereas sports are fully embedded in the Corps’ activities. We have a Wing team for Nijmegen but it is one squadron that runs it and is the main source of participants as the training is quite intensive and designed around them. I feel if the chap who does it and is really keen, leaves, this will end. He moved squadron and the impetus moved with him and his previous squadron had a couple of cadets do it for a couple of years and then it stopped. I’ve advertised it every year and not one cadet has shown the slightest interest and neither have the staff.
I and many thousands of others have represented at every level and some in several sports and never had visible day to day recognition.


Aye, but those 100 cadets didn’t get any recognition of doing RAFWARMA in terms of uniform. The only walk recognised is Nijmegen, which while a very good walk is possibly not the most open or beneficial walk for cadets to take part in.


I believe they get a Wing Blue for it Andrew I would leave it at that.


If anyone fancies a laugh, check out the latest “2FTS Aviation Update” on the announcements page of Sharepoint. Looks like a contestant from The Apprentice was given the task of writing it :joy:


Where is it? All I can see is the ACTO update.



All you need to know is that it uses the words “synergy” and “synthetic training centres”


Ahh sorry. I thought you meant a new one published today. Yeah, this is interestingly written


I bet silly management language bingo must be done in 2FTS meetings.


Where is the actual syllabus for all this (apart from flying) - is there one overarching document?

Yet to be told if this applies to CCF(RAF) but I am assuming so. It would be good to be able to write, you know, a training programme…


Hmmm, format (.pub) not able to open on a Mac… & “blocked” format on iMac.

They are both up to date too.


I have a mac as well so used to convert it to pdf


Many thanks! I’ve also messaged 2FTS asking them to change the format.


Delicious irony that they upload something which very few people can read. More incompetence from 2FTS Towers.


I have found a ‘cadets activities ages’ poster that has been released by LASER. Although there are a few activities missing it looks quite useful. It’s available on SharePoint here:

I’ll also put it on ACC Drive. :slight_smile:



So are we officially adopting 13 as the start age for DofE??


Also, was this designed by LASER/HQAC? Why are the flying and gliding topics not the TOP in each column, why are BTECs now more important.


I think D of E is from Year 9 now, so 13+ depending on when their Birthday is


I believe that from one very recent (Wg?) Officers’ Conference, the plans for the shooting badges were slaughtered…