Progressive Training Syllabus Musician Badge

How would I go about gaining a musician badge if I’m self taught and not graded?? I played french horn when I was younger at grade 4/5 standard however have only officially got my grade 2, and now I play french horn, trumpet and cornet all at grade 4 standard, however as stated in ACTO 1230
‘Pass a recognised music board examination at grade 3 (practical)
• Provide an expert witness testimony (for example a school music teacher) to state that an instrument can be played to grade 3 standard
• Assessment by a competent person to state that music ability has been demonstrated’
I’m not too sure how to get one without a grade or a music teacher that would be able to provide the testimony. Any other ideas on how I could prove that I can play at grade 3 standard?
Sorry if this was complicated, thanks!

Get your wing bandperson to come and see you whilst you play. They should be able to assess you.

Do you attend School/college ? If so a music teacher/lecturer who has watched you play to the required standard can provide the testimony (which is basically just a signed letter stating you can play to the appropriate ABRSM standard). As pEp said if you’re lucky enough to have a wing bandmaster etc they would be fine too. The other option is to just wait until you achieve the Grade 3 ABRSM qualification and then submit a copy of the certificate. Hope this helps ! :+1:

I’m self taught to grade 7 standard and had no issue getting a bronze badge for that (got a silver one now though!) - just get your Wg MusO to assess you or join a wing/region/corps band.

Another question related to this topic: if you go on a regional music camp, do you get a silver badge at the end of it for regional representation?

Usually so long as there is a public performance. Certainly in my region (N), that is the case.

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