After attending my local squadron for 8 months I still haven’t completed my first class. I’m a rather keen cadet who will usually participate in anything thrown at me. So its not down to laziness. Other cadets that I have spoken to say it took less than 6. So i am worried about the progress that i am making and whether I am reaching my full potential. Furthermore enhanced by hearing about a former cadet that was able to get cpl in 6 months. So my main question is am I making sufficient progress?


It took me almost 2 years to get Corporal. I’m now a FS.

You’re not progressing too slow, although I would be slightly concerned if you’re not coming towards the end of your First Class Logbook by now, however, it also depends on your age. If you joined at 12 or 13 then this shouldn’t be too serious, however, if you’re 16 or any older then I’d be rather concerned.

Nevertheless, ask your NCOs, and if they don’t give an answer and can’t help then go to your Training Officer or CO. One of these people should help you address your issues. Good luck


Whilst in theory first class should take around 6 months, I wouldn’t be overly concerned so long as you’re still usefully learning. I’ll freely admit that my unit very rarely gets cadets through in that timescale as I don’t feel it does the subjects justice. The teaching is easy to fit in, but without practice cadets’ retention is poor, and I’d rather spend 8-9 months really training them on something than a 6 month-long box-ticking exercise.


I agree with this fully. In your position I would say read around some of the content at home if it interests you, it may help with absorption at the squadron. Also make sure you properly understand what’s in the book. It builds the foundation for quite a bit as you go on.


I agree with @MattB.

Although I find you can get first class done quite quickly. The book is easy enough. I run a set programme for my first class cadets so that they complete first class as quickly as possible and join the rest of the squadron.

I’ve been able to get first class cadets through in about 10 weeks if attendance is consistent.