Proforma A. Why can I find different ones on bader

Hi. Having looked on bader and online why is it I can find different versions of Proforma A. Some I find that has gloves etc on it and some I find that has just the bog standard simple uniform. Is there one that we can all use or is it specific to each wing/region etc? All very confusing.

From what I understand, it depends on your parent station/ who you get uniform from. Near me there are two RAF stations, both of which have different Supply Proforma A’s. One has gloves and socks on it, the other one doesn’t, and one also issues different types of coveralls than the other.

So I think it’s specific to your parent station. But gloves are a scaled item for cadets, and others on another thread have stated that you should be able to get them no matter what parent station you get your uniform from. I’d get in touch with your parent station and ask if gloves/ socks aren’t on the list and if they refuse find out why and if necessary push it up you CoC.

I don’t know why still have to bother with parent stations and filling out bits of paper and haven’t moved to an online ordering system from a central stores system which has everything on it. This could then get delivered to people rather than sodding around with taking days off to drive umpteen miles to only to find that the things you really, really, really, need are still on demand.
Parenting worked when we had an Air Force and had lots of stations.

I imagine there are all sorts of reasons why this doesn’t happen, like it’s far too simple and convenient.

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Or the cost of storing things, negotiating a contract with civvies stores (Babcock?) and courier fees.

One of the mantras I’ve been bought up on in my workplace is bring solutions not problems, which is something you never do.

There must be large MOD depots, similar to supermarket regional distribution centres and I would imagine there are deliveries coming in and going out all the time. I can’t believe that the MOD has lots and lots of small stores (station/barrack) which suppliers/manufacturers deliver to as that would be chaos and stupidly expensive. Oh wait a minute that would be the exact system used to ensure lots of people all doing the same jobs.

It would cut down on admin, costs and as I say our time travelling longer distances as stations close and parent stations get reassigned.

There are large depots, concerned with ongoing military functions. Not ones storing raf uniform. Deliveries do go in and out. Not delivered connected to wing hq funny enough. You may think it would save costs, but it doesn’t because those two blokes in dust jackets would still be employed supporting a station stores, and instead you pay more money for extra staff just to support the whole ACO.

I only supply solutions when the options is cost effective, supported by capital input and scalable.

So where do the uniforms come from … thin air?
They have to be kept somewhere for onward distribution to stations so we cut out the middle man. This is online ‘shops’ (bloody big warehouses) came into being and why people use them so that they cut out the middle man.

What extra staff? Orders can be put together by existing staff as part of their day to day work, its called ‘picking’. I can’t imagine that the 1000 or so squdrons are putting orders in all the time. By demanding from a central stores you remove the “ain’t got any of them” and 'don’t know when we’ll get them" you get from stores. They like to make to you think they’re doing you a favour, when few of us live close enough for that to be the case.

As I said the whole parenting scheme needs a drastic overhaul and rethink, as more and more stations shut.

OK then if you reckon (having the inside track) that the delivery system is too expensive, deliver the orders to RAF Back of Beyond and we go along pick them up from the gate so no need to go on the station.

From the manufacturers, production to forward distribution point (stores). There isn’t someone in a huge warehouse putting things in a box for RAF Little Rissington as and when they need it.

These “existing staff” you talk about suddenly being found available to process the mass orders for the ACO, have you heard of budget cutbacks? THEY DONT EXIST! If there was slack in the system, it got chopped.

I agree that something will need to be done at some point as stations become a rareity, but since we currently get this service for free, and no one has the capital budget to implement a drastic new system, nothing is going to change tomorrow. I will speak for myself, i do not want a bag of uniform being dropped off at the main gate - i would never see it.

Waiting for the RAF and or HQAC to come up with something is pointless. Look what happened with our online systems, which was left to them to sort out.:rolleyes: It was like leaving my nan and granddad to sort out.

I more than aware that we are the great unwashed and know the sq rt of FA about anything as far as HQAC, Regions and Wings are concerned and treated like 9 year olds, but many of us use systems and processes day in and day out for work and for online purchasing, that must seem like witchcraft to our lords and ladies. I imagine in our number there are systems experts who do it in their day jobs and could act as advisors.

As there seems to be a lack of awareness of what happens : an order comes in is prioritised and it gets ‘picked’ and caged or palletised for distribution, any shortfalls are notified and sent on later. These orders are part of the day’s work. These companies / distributors don’t have lots and lots of staff and but things need to be done and do get done, unless they don’t want a job!! Ironically when the great and the good can’t be bothered to go to Waitrose for their weekly shop, they must wonder how it is they do a few mouse clicks or screen taps and their comestables appear on their doorstep. They probably think storks leave babies under gooseberry bushes and the tooth fairy leaves money under pillows.

There is massive scope for improving the supply of uniform to squadrons and it will be interesting to see what half-baked nonsense HQAC and the assembled half wits come up with. Being parented by a station has had its day and we need something better, reflects our daily lives and more 21st Century, not a system that has more in common with quills, vellum and ink.

And those systems costs quite a bit of cash to operate. Shelf space is expensive you know. Just ask amazon.

There is a trial ongoing at the at moment with regards to the supply of uniform.

I hope they are found guilty!


[quote=“incubus, post:12, topic:2726, full:true”][quote=“dambusters, post:11, topic:2726, full:true”]
There is a trial ongoing at the at moment with regards to the supply of uniform.[/quote]

I hope they are found guilty![/quote]
And they’ve got a black cap when sentence is passed.