(Probably) Only in America: this doesn't really translate, but there we have it

(And no, they’re not Air National Guard…)

Not quite the same understated grit as Brit Mil Fitness etc, but it must serve a useful purpose for our American cousins…


Are you comparing the UFC and Mike Dolce with Brit Mil Fitness? I’ve heard that the Brit Mil Fit guys are good but really? The UFC coaches are immensely fit and are very very very experienced. One of my friends and coaches is a coach in the UFC and has been for a few years now, I’d chose training with him over training with anyone else for fitness.

No, I’m not comparing the levels of fitness, or the techniques: I meant the huge difference between the marketing styles US versus UK. BMF is possibly too subtle in it’s advertising.

Also, the official linkage between UFC and the USAFR is interesting. I just can’t imagine eg RAF Reserves sharing a publicity campaign with Tough Mudder. But maybe some day it’ll happen…


Are they affiliated with Gay Times perhaps?

Yeah I agree, would be great if the RAF reserves were to team up with a big name but I think the advertising with the military is a lot more appreciated in America than it is over here, unfortunately.

Didn’t the RAF sponsor worlds strongest man this year?

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Yes they did, does the Worlds Strongest Man competition make as much money and TV coverage competition as the UFC? No. The RAF reserves had sponsored a few TV programmes now but nowhere near as big as the UFC.

Seriously? The RAF Reserves have actually had their corporate identity linked to ‘Britain’s Strongest Man’? I missed that totally (as a viewer, I mean!) Good idea, well done MoD/AFB.

I keep hoping that Sqn Ldr Andy Green might ultimately join either the RAuxAF or the ACO once he retires from regular service. Incidently, having helped to move Thrust SSC off a trailer, and about 100m inside a hanger, I’m amazed that an object which weighs about the same as the Isle of Wight can move that fast…

Now there’s the difference between the RAF and the USAF again. I do love the SSC, and the Bloodhound, but our American Airforce cousins do have the Mustang X-1…check your seatbelt is secured before even looking at this…


But do they claim for HTD, I wonder?? B)


The interior looks like it’s been designed by an 8 year-old boy.

I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous.

It does look a lot more convincing on the outside than in the cockpit, doesn’t it?

If it were a squadron sim project, I’d score it 8.5 out of 10, but with a 4.6litre engine strapped to the front, [strike]a zero-point safety harness[/strike], an artificial horizon indicator(!!) and a lack of obvious airbags, I wouldn’t drive the thing faster than 20mph…

My money would be on Bloodhound in a shoot-out:


ps spotted the safety-belts eventually…coming out of the middle…of…the…doors?

For a second I thought WOW, the new VGS flight sims are really looking good, then realised it was a car :frowning:

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