Private Messages

All of my old private messages were imported to the site along with my post count - the only problem is that they all came across as unread. Seeing as there’s about 100 of them (I’m very popular and likeable, you see) I can’t be bothered to open them individually to change their status, but there doesn’t seem to be a bulk ‘mark as read’ function.

I just deleted all of mine but then I’m not very popular or likeable

I’m afraid there isn’t much else you can do. On the plus side, you should only have to do it once?

It’s OK; I shall just do what I’ve been doing up to now and remember that 98 = no new messages, >98= new messages!

I can send you 2 useless ones that you don’t have to read to make it a round 100!

Ditto snap, except my current tare-point is 143 = zero. It’s a bit like working in degrees Kelvin, or subtracting a head-wind vector.

At least it works- vote of thanks again to DJR :slight_smile:

This is much annoying :angry: