Prince Harry/uniform for The Funeral

Am I missing something? Why couldn’t Captain Harry Wales have attended in his uniform as a retired AAC Major? (Substantive rank as of 2018, according to Wikipedia.)

Or did he not want to attend in such a junior rank?

No one is wearing uniform as I understand it - this isn’t just Harry.

yes he could wear one as a retired Officer, much like Wills could and Charles but it has been decided that the only ones in uniform will be those military personnel take part in the ceremony.
they’re wearing their medals as appropriate but no Royals will be in uniform.


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Too probably stop some those out there that are to obsessed in what some guy trying to live his life to the point they will throw a wobbly if he dons anything related to British military uniform

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I would imagine it’s not just all about harry - It makes sense as Peter Philips would be the only other one not in uniform so would look a right mishmash.

Also as there hasn’t been any engagements for the last year, they haven’t worn any of the uniforms in the last year, there probably isn’t time for any tailoring to get the uniforms fitted.

Just for a moment imagine the conversation between the siblings?

“Are we wearing uniforms?”
“Dont know - which ones?”
“We could go navy but my one hasn’t been re-ranked”
“My ones a bit snug too”
“Do we have to go navy - I always get confused on the drill”
“Sod it, I don’t have time to deal with this - everyone’s in civvies”

Cough… Andrew…


Avoid him being in uniform too.

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Must… resist… inserting… a joke

Ironically the two who saw active duty in a theatre (Falklands and Afghanistan) are the two they didn’t want in uniform.

Technically he’s not a retired Major.

He resigned his short service commission as a
Captain (rather than leaving at the end of his term) and was promoted to Major after he had left. (They all receive promotions in line with their time in rank as if they were still serving, Andrew was supposed to be made an Admiral on his 60th Birthday whiling has been delayed).

An Officer who has resigned is not eligible to wear uniform at any occasion (As opposed to those who retire when their term ends) after they have resigned and since he’s not a working Royal that exemption doesn’t apply, hence why he wouldn’t have been allowed to wear uniform.

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The rags were saying - not that I necessarily believe what’s in them - that Andrew had thrown a hissy fit because he wanted to wear an Admirals uniform rather than whatever makey-uppy rank he wore last time, and that (coupled with the Harry and Peter Phillips thing) is what sparked the Queen’s decision.

@Chief_Tech I’m afraid my - admittedly second hand - knowledge/experience of the senior royals (one of my close friends was an ADC to one of them), would suggest that ‘uniforms going to the back of the cupboard and not getting regularly tailored because there’s a pandemic on’ isn’t an actual thing.

The gossip, if informed gossip, is that William can be a bit formal, but is solid, decent and considerate, Edward and Sophie are really nice and don’t take themselves remotely seriously, Anne is the same as William, but that the rest - bar HMQ and DofE - are absolute screamers who are the greatest arguments for a republic, or indeed violent revolution, that anyone can imagine meeting…

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I know a few lads who work on Royalty and the general result of a Conversation is that HMQ and the DofE are/were really sound, although she likes them to be out of sight out of mind as much as possible. That Charles is really good and treats them as if they were members of the household and will fight their corner with the job if he thinks they are being treated unfairly. The only one you regularly hear negative things about is Andrew who is apparently has a serious “Don’t you know who I am” problem.

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