Presentations by visitors


Hi all, just wondering what external visitors you have come into your sqn to do presentations to the cadets. Am aware of the military charities etc, but just after ideas for some relevant/interesting/different presentation nights.



We tend to go to the local fire brigade, currently working on getting the Police in to the Squadron.


We’ve recently had our local police force.

Two community PCSOs visited and that was our foot in the door. I asked them to visit the station which we did a few weeks later.

We’ve also had a visit from the RNLI which you can request online on their website. Currently in the process of arranging paramedics to visit which you can also download the form for online and then post it.

Finally, we’ve had a visit from the fire brigade which in turn arranged us a visit to the station.

They are the big ones. We’ve had visits from various little local groups for example a local history group came in to do a talk on the local area. That one wasn’t my idea, it didn’t go down too well but nevertheless it was an external visit.


we have had people From RAFA come to us as well as st johns ambulance from time to time, if I do remember correctly we also had a visit from a ww2 bombing campaign veteran


Can I ask how you got a bomber command veteran to come down? Was it through charity or someone you knew?


We also had a cadet parent who is a Warrant Officer (I think?) in the Royal Navy and was going into the new aircraft carrier. He came down in full uniform and delivered an excellent presentation.

Shy bairns get nowt, all it took was me to simply ask if he wouldn’t mind. Often with these visits, the worst you can be told is no.


Currently working on a visit from a serving VC holder in a lodge I regularly visit. Just trying to fit our schedules with his duties.


We’ve had the usual ;


We have also gone to them for presentations on their kit, we have more planned for this year.

An Ex-Cadet of my Era that has done 10 years in the RAF
I have planned for an Aviation YouTuber to come down, it seems highly likely that he will be coming (talks seem to be going well) I can’t release his name…just in case someone tries to poach him :joy: I will share the pictures/ article once he has been though


another squadron had been given the opportunity and we were invited as we were local, I personally did not go due to studies I don’t believe any third parties were involved.


I invited our local’ish Mountain Rescue Team to come down. They did a nice talk with the cadets which I managed to steer into some tips and tricks for DofE and then they set up three different practical sessions which the cadets rotated around. A really good visit to be fair.

I don’t know if you’d count Armed Forces careers people in this but we have RAF Careers in usually twice a year.

We also had the Welsh Guards Presentation Team visit who did a talk and then a load of hands on stuff with the cadets. That was through one of our cadets parents.


I’ve managed to get the RN chefs in and the Marines, plus the Army recruitment team came and did some leadership exercises. Had the usual RAF Outreach team and RAFA Youth. Also local charities that we’ve supported at events have come to talk about what they do and linked that with DofE volunteering. Hoping to get a local drone person to come and talk drones with them and had an offer from a man with a cockpit to come down.


Do you know anyone in the Police?


And for those without nearby mountains, Lowland Search teams are good for a punt. As are RAYNET - especially for extending comms skills into real world scenarios.

Local BMFA clubs can be good fun. As can aeromodelling clubs.

You might have a local climbing club, orienteering group or mountain club. Hockey, rugby or football clubs may extend an invite for a “skills session” (normally good to escape the sqn for a night!).

High sheriff, police/crime commissioner, MP (with usual caveats!), Parish/district councillor can be interesting - although may need vetting first to ensure they are actually interesting!!!

Any big local aviation, defence or STEM firms?




British Model Flying Association. Remote controlled aircraft.


Drones before they were cool.


Crikey… They’re still going?


Thanks everyone. It’s given me a few ideas :slight_smile: