Preparing to Return to F2F Activity... Again/Still

That could start now. Businesses are going back, no reason why RFCA can’t start doing that, safe in the knowledge that we’re not using them.

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There is absolutely no need for RFCA to deep clean any cadet building that has been out of use since March. There will be no CV19 present.

Aslo, a lot of buildings don’t contain water tanks - I know mine doesn’t (it didn’t stop us having to do the legionaella tests for those few years it was a requirement, though :rolleyes: )

We’ve got a hot water tank that’s just been sitting there and I’m pretty certain no one’s been down to do anything.
As for a deep clean, I mean in the sense of cleaning the building. I know that after just a couple of weeks stand down, dust and spiders mean a clean, so after this length of time it could almost resemble Miss Haversham’s wedding table. Then the potential for mould in unheated buildings and infestations in an unused building.


What about dust build up / settling and those with allergies and asthma.

Remember we are beholden to MOD regs on this and that would certainly be one reason to deep clean.

Cleaning may be a point worth it’s own topic…?

Have RFCA ever nipped round, and done some dusting for you before?

IF you’re seriously worried about such things, hold off your cadets returning for one night and whizz round with a can of Mr Sheen and a yellow duster.

I suspect RFCA don’t have cleaners on their ‘approved MOD contractor’ lists, nor that they have the money to fund such things.

I would bet a pound to a penny that it will be a structural engineer who will stick their head around the door, and then sign off the building as being visually inspected.

Legionella is a possible issue, but since the risk has never been properly addressed by RFCA, I’m confident that no testing will take place, and we’ll just be advised to run water for 10 minutes before cadets are allowed back.

Fair Point!

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Are you being serious? Our building has major issues but the one thing we can be confident of is lack of Legionella. RFCA are obsessed by the thing.

I’m not in the slightest.
But that’s the reason. Not because of covid.

How do I know. Had to speak to RFCA regarding other things and I asked what the cleaning fuss was all about.

I think it will be on a ‘unit request’ or requirement only.

I am.

My RFCA had a bit of a panic about 10 years ago. We were issued with a thermometer and told to run the water for 2 minutes, then take a temp measurement once a week. We had to record it, and if it went above 20 degrees, repeat the test. If it failed, then we had to close the unit.

Now, I get it. It’s a risk (however small). But, RFCA didn’t follow the HSE guidelines.

It states that temp checks should be monthly, not weekly, and it states that system should be routinely checked, inspected, and cleaned by a competent person - ours wasn’t ever inspected, or cleaned. And that water samples should be tested - again, it never happened.

If the Risk Assessment states that there is a risk of Legionelle, then the full suite of control measures should be put in place - not just temperature sampling on an incorrectly stipulated schedule.

And that is without mentioning the complete lack of instruction or PPE provided (one would assume that if Legionella was present, running the taps and aerating the bacteria would put a CFAV without PPE at significant risk).

As it happens, we were told about 4 years ago to not bother anymore. So either the risk necer existed, went away, or RFCA realised that by applying half-baked control measures, they were lining themselves up for some serious legal problems should someone contract legionella.


Can we have a prepping for f2f activity thread?

The most likely concerns are legionella, black mould, damp.
All easily addressed if they approach it right.

What I’d like to see is a timetable for returning to activities, based on Govt advice of course…
What prep work needs to happen, who will do it and when.
It would be disappointing if we are allowed to resume youth activities but our actual return is delayed by a wait for inspections or prep work.


We’ll be last in line and get at most 2 weeks notice.

We’re not allowed in the buildings, so RFCA are the ones to go in.
The fact RFCA don’t do the normal cleaning is irrelevant. When was the last time sqn premises were just left empty for 5/6 months? This ain’t normal however enjoyable having so much time off work and not doing proper cadet stuff is.
Our problem will be the different govts agendas, OK in one place but not anywhere else. Then there are the potentials for regional lockdowns if cases increase in that area. I think this might be the model once there has been a general return to “normal” if people get ill from it.

I’m just concerned whether or not our building is still standing… never mind a clean! :joy:

It’s probably being used for non-RAFAC activities during our absence.

We had mice at the start of lockdown. I don’t think I’ll have a building to return to.


My region straddles two countries and my OC has said that apparently the RC is of the opinion that unless the entire region can resume face to face activities no one can.

My boss got permission to enter the building because you could see damage to our 18 week old new roof… water damage visible inside with more black mold visible…that’s gotta be fixed before we can use the building


RIP Alex’s squadron


Well the Scout Association has published some advice on the return to face-to-face activities.

They also intend to publish a “framework and set of guidance proposals” on Thursday 25th with an All adult members zoom call on Wednesday 24th and a webinar on 2nd July to explain the framework and answer questions.