Practical Skill Building Activities

I’ve just had a batch of cadets finish first class and I am planning to make a bunch of activities to help consolidate their knowledge. I have a few in mind for the map reading / IET sections of first class but i’m also interested in activities for other sections of first class but also other skills such as leadership. Does anyone have any activities they have tried for this and work? Preferably outdoors and greens. I’ve looked through the drive and some activities seem to be too theory based, require too much knowledge or can’t be done with my equipment available.

Any help is appreciated, whether you had a positive experience doing an activity or a negative one

Have you thought about putting the cadets through the blue badge foundation leadership syllabus? You will need some equipment, but not much and it’s cheap and easy to get hold of. At the end of it they are eligible for a blue leadership badge if they pass!

If you are short on staff, at my squadron the cadet NCOs run the activities and assess the cadet’s leadership skills.

This page on ACC Drive should help:*Leadership

It includes a handy sheet which tells you what equipment you need for each activity. Cadets must watch a briefing about SMEAC and successfully lead two leadership activities to pass.

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