PR Board WAD

Wing Activities Day is now less than 6 months away and the cadets would like to make a PR board this year. Does anyone know the requirements, what sort of materials have been used in the past or any examples?

This isn’t a standard thing across the Corps. You’ll either need to state which wing so that if there are others here from that Wing they can help or go back to the organiser I’m afraid.

What is the purpose of this PR Board? and what is the Purpose of the Wing Activities Day?

Without knowing those two things, I can only suggest keeping to the brand guidelines (which i can’t seem to find on SharePoint).

WAD is the same as wing field day or Wing competitions day or what ever you call the day trams from squadrons are selected to compete at things like drill at Regional Activities Day.

Fair enough, guessing a PR board would then just be photos of the different activities and events then . . .

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