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Morning all,

Just wondering as to whether you have any powerpoint templates that work with the majority of disabilities in ACP 29 (Disability and Diversity), or any tips that can help develop some.

I suffer with visual impairments, and I print off a separate piece of work to read off (when needed) and keep the powerpoint simple.


Light to medium blue background, yellow text is my go to.

Seems to be a standard for such things, unless anyone knows better?

I have heard many supposed facts about which colours and which typefaces are best for various learning difficulties, but given that many of these “facts” have actually been proven to be untrue I take all of that verbal testimony with a pinch of salt and I can’t attest to the truth of any of it.

I do know however that the standard RAF templates are white text on a blue background.
The Royal Navy uses dark blue text on a white background.

One would assume that in this modern world some thought, research, and advice would be taken when designing their templates.

To ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME

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