Post Covid Staff and cadet recruitment

I’m sure that this has crossed everyone’s mind, as a squadron we have an event that was shuffled back to September that there is a Facebook ad for at the moment. However we ate also thinking of a monthly virtual drop in to compliment this and further build interest. Is anyone else considering something like this?

Not sure how the virtual drop in would work given only RAFAC approved platforms should be used and its asked not share the guess link to teams outside of the organisation

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Yes exactly that, our wing MCO agrees on that and suggested a facebook go live with us talking about squadron, opportunities etc maybe accepting questions via inbox in advance or posting a Q&A on the page. Teams wouldnt be the format for this first the reasons said and also as its probably not ideal for recruitment.

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TBH I can’t see the point in trying to recruit until we are out of this mess or at least a light at the end of the tunnel. Plus I think those of us who work, will be having more important things to be concerned with, as businesses start getting back to whatever normal looks like after this. I’m still working on a rota, but normal it ain’t, then there are those who have been working from home and many who will have lost jobs and be prioritising getting a job. Then there is the elephant in the room of non-returning staff.

In the old normal times, talks, presentations attract varying levels of interest, waiting lists get filled up and there is still the wonder of how many will turn up. Trying to do anything when you have nothing to say about what you have been doing recently seems extremely hollow, as all it is if, when, maybe as this is open ended. Things could be promised that can’t happen or won’t be allowed.

Then there is the 2m thing which I could easily see going on for some time as a rule or voluntarily as people remain cautious of others, which makes for an interesting cadet hut which is 150ish square metres. Could we get more than a dozen cadets and enough staff in at any one time if the spacing remains the same. This will impact on all manner of things we do, imagine a leadership exercise or navex or overnight tented camp where everyone has to be 2m apart. The other side of this will not be life as it was before for quite a long time and if there is the slightest sniff of a reoccurrence we’ll be back in a mess again, very quickly, given govt now has the power to do it. I know too many people who stopped working or sent kids to school ‘just in case’ or had or lived with someone who had a slight symptom. Which is still the advice.

This is similar to what the RAF have started doing and would work well, although needs a large enough audience so perhaps better run from a Region level.
The other issue is getting an audience, so would need to be scheduled and advertised beforehand.

Agreed, pushing this from a region level would be ideal. We are pushing this a facebook event promoted via local community events. So far so good, 4 have followed the event but further promotion is needed

well talk to your Wing and Region Media Officer. :slight_smile:

Already have, in regard to promotion