Possible Spam?


Seems like every visit to ACC at the moment is automatically downloading a 10 second video clip to my phone. Any ideas why?


No? What phone/OS?


I am seeing the same thing (win10, FF) but thought it was something on the GPJ replacement thread.

EDIT: It seems it was. DJ has dealt with it.


Looks Like @MattB popped a funny video on the GPJ thread that was throwing an error. I’ll check for more details later - hopefully it’s fixed for now :smile:


Ah, I broke the internets again.

For reference, it was Nick Cage in The Rock saying “OK, yeah, that’s just about the most awful thing I’ve ever seen”.


Matt, yes, you Brooke it again!

But, it was a normal video, not sure why it didn’t show the link, instead it download it every time someone visited the topic. Odd!