Possible Spam?

Seems like every visit to ACC at the moment is automatically downloading a 10 second video clip to my phone. Any ideas why?

No? What phone/OS?

I am seeing the same thing (win10, FF) but thought it was something on the GPJ replacement thread.

EDIT: It seems it was. DJ has dealt with it.

Looks Like @MattB popped a funny video on the GPJ thread that was throwing an error. I’ll check for more details later - hopefully it’s fixed for now :smile:

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Ah, I broke the internets again.

For reference, it was Nick Cage in The Rock saying “OK, yeah, that’s just about the most awful thing I’ve ever seen”.

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Matt, yes, you Brooke it again!

But, it was a normal video, not sure why it didn’t show the link, instead it download it every time someone visited the topic. Odd!

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