Poppies - AP1358 vs AP1358C

Interesting difference between the two:



[quote]0135 Emblems should be of conventional dimensions and are to be worn immediately above the right breast pocket of the No 1
SD jacket and in the corresponding position on warm-weather dresses, jerseys and combat uniform. When worn with the greatcoat it is to be worn on the left lapel. In order to avoid damaging the waterproof materials, emblems are not to be worn with the GPJ or wet weather outerwear.[/quote]

The removal of the greatcoat and adjustment of the section on wet weather gear doesn’t surprise me - we still have Jeltex. However, until 1358C came up with the line about ‘preferably inserted in the button hole’, I used a pin to attach mine as requested ABOVE the right breast pocket. After all, the button hole is not ‘above’ the right breast pocket… This looks like someone’s personal preference turned into a rule, to me…

It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case and it wouldn’t be the only example in the book either. however, them’s the rules (for now)

I don’t understand why they have removed reference to the greatcoat when it is still authorised for wear…

More likely that it’s current RAF practice which has been written into our, far more regularly updated, dress regs.

At the time that paragraph was written they weren’t authorized for wear.

Slightly OT … since when has the GPJ been waterproof? Back OT

Wearing it through the buttonhole makes it simple for those who haven’t thought about wearing a poppy before going on a Remembrance Parade. :ohmy:

I imagine there’s probably an RA advising against the use of pins, just in case we spear our fingers with one of those nasty germ ridden items and we end up losing a finger due to horrendous infection.

Zombie Ebola attack!

Donald, wheres my HAZMAT suit? :ohmy:

Oh now you’ve done it… there’ll be a full page essay on the dangers of pin use in the next newsletter now.
Stand by for a statistical breakdown of the (completely unrelated to us) incidents of hospital needle-stick injuries and associated infections of the past 10 years, and a degree level biological explanation of the action of hemotoxins and neurotoxins in the human body.

I was being serious although tongue in cheek.
We may well laugh but the RBL said several years ago that collectors were to stop offering to pin poppies to people just in case they caught them with the pin and the RBL was sued. The groans that went around when this nuggest of stupidity came out were quite loud. You can imagine some of the comments from those that lived through WW2 and fought elsewhere. So it’s not just the ATC where OTT H&S and sphincter covering goes on.

I wonder if his Donaldness was the RBL’s H&S ‘guru’ as the time. :whistle: