Polishing shoes with instant sponges

I have a “quick shine sponge” from Clarks that I got with some shoes at one point. My shoes need polishing quick-ish and I was wondering if this would affect me being able to polish them in the future? I’ve tried it on the inside of one of my shoes to see if it works, and it does. I’m not sure whether to put it all over, though. If anyone knows I’d appreciate the help :blush::blush:

It may make polishing in the future a challenge

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ok thanks. I’ve done it on one of my shoes and I’ll leave the other, and I’ll see how it goes.

In future, one very thin layer of polish with some water buffing can suffice for a quick shine if your shoes were already at a decent standard before

Never used these, but people who do rarely receive good results.

I got my shoes to a decent standard in half an hour with some KIWI black, cotton wool balls and water. Can’t go wrong.


And mentioned above - if you’re in real dire straights, then yes you’ll get a “clean” appearance at least.

Depending on how much you usually polish your shoes…

Providing they HAVE had some polish on them at some point - for a very quick, emergency buff, give them a fast buff with a pair of old tights - just make sure you’ve asked the previous owner and that they’re not still wearing them…

If you have just five mins, quick polish with brushes and kiwi

If you have half an hour, do the body of the shoe with brushes and kiwi, then quick 10 mins per toe cap, with kiwi, soft yellow duster and a dollop of spit

If you have an hour, as above, except use cotton wool ball dipped in clean water to buff the polish hat you’ve put on each toe cap with a yellow duster.

Everything is relative to the amount of time you put in.

Save yourself hassle in the future, keep your parade shoes in an air tight plastic box to reduce how much the shine goes dull by after wearing.

And lastly, next time you’re watching a movie at home - Get your parade shoes out and bull them - it’s boring JUST polishing shoes, stick something on and then multi task…


Cadets struggle to breathe let alone multi task!

But you are right I normally polish my shoes whilst watching a film or something


Ha ha - i must profess to telling my lad off once when he claimed he was while doing some chore or another whilst watching telly…

He said “I’m multi tasking…”

I replied “you can barely task - let alone multi task!”

I use them only on creases such as the parts that bend quite a lot, and where the Polish just flakes off.