Policy for Utilising on Base Facilities

I’ve scoured JSP814 and everything else under the sun. Can someone direct me to any policy that states cadets can utilise MoD facilities like the gym, station Swimming pool etc? I’ve got the statement about indemnity and MoD covering cadets for activities.
Thanks in advance.

Every time I’ve booked sports facilities for my lot it’s just been an ad-hoc thing with the gym admin staff.

I’m not sure if there’s actually an entitlement.

As far as I’m aware there is no actual policy. It varies hugely between Stations and is generally down to personalities and who you know.
With Mr Emz in the RAF all the Sqns I’ve been on have been on or near RAF stations. Some have been super helpful and pretty much let us have free reign. Others have been very anti-air cadets from past experiences. If you’re based on base then there is a definite shift in attitude to an outside Sqn requesting use of facilities. There are also local rules on how to approach stations, best bet is to go via your Wing HQ.

Find out who the PT staff is, buy them a couple of pints, build up a relationship, perhaps suggest potential competitions between service personnel and cadets? then bobs your uncle!

Tbh, I don’t think there is a policy per se. If the station commander is happy and the facilities are on MOD premises, and you have followed the relevant ACPEDTI’s then everything will be covered as long it is risk assessed and qualified personnel covering . Be careful tho, because no doubt HQAC bods are watching and will in some way try to prevent the activity reading this!


Unusual, sadly no. Fun sponges fall in, from the right NUMBER!!!

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Watch out for the DIN tomorrow morning to Heads of Establishments!

Going to be an interesting one for cadets who live in MQs and have base passes to use the gym as dependents.

Never had an issue with cadets using the swimming pool, astro turf, indoor sports hall etc, engage with the ACLO team to get station officially on-side… after that it should be plain sailing.