PNCO course


Can a cadet ask to go on a PNCO course or will the sqn OC look at the cadets and put forward a list of people with potential


What on earth is PNCO?


Protenal NCO


Guessing a pre nco course… bezt answer is speak to your boss it will be wing specific criteria


Your wing should allow cadets on JNCO courses


Started these in our Squadron in the 80s, CML tasks (from DIOT handbook) with logs ropes and drums plus classroom ones using LEGO and jigsaws, lecture presntations, initiative exercises (here is camera, go and photograph xy or z here is 10p for a phone call, you have six hours from now: GO), early morning log run, drill assesment. Cadets cooked for themselves as well. Cadets put in 15 to 16bhour days doing this.

Within a week report to COs of any squadron’s cadets who attended.


There’s no set national model for PNCO courses, so it’ll depend entirely on your squadron or wing (or school) - best bet is to ask your unit staff.


Our sqn and sector generally run them mixed with a blue leadership badge course. So learning SMEAC followed by giving drill commands. They are aimed at cadets looking to be promoted. as for corporals, they then go on to JNCO courses. If your sqn or wing run PNCO courses then yes you could but ask your sqn staff if they are running any


i have done a PNCO.

and its a warm up to the real jnco.

the PNCO does leadership tests, mult choose question to we what type of person you are and many other activities and PowerPoint to do. the course took me 14 parade night to complete this.


Briggs Myers? Seriously dislike using these with Cadets.


Or other humans.