PMC guide

Does anybody have a guide on the duties of the PMC at a Dining In evening that they’d be willing to share?

Greet people as they arrive, particularly guests. Mingle at pre dinner drinks. Make sure everyone is in the dining room and be the last in there. Make sure someone says grace (if you’re in to that sort of thing). Keep an eye on how the meal ‘runs’, but a good Mess Manager/Maître D should do that for you. Make sure you’ve got a Mr Vice and make sure he/she knows what to do. At the appropriate time, ‘ask’ Mr Vice to do the Loyal Toast. (and any others that are relevant). Do any speeches you want to do to welcome new diners or dine people out.etc. Introduce guest speakers. Lead the top table out of the dining room after the meal. Relax, hang one on.

Technically, you’re not the PMC unless it’s your Mess, you actually have a Mess Committee and you’re the President of it. You’re more likely to be the Presiding Officer.

PM if you want a more detailed breakdown!

i know its not what you are asking but may be the attached guide/rules to dining in will help?

^^^ Steve’s attachment pretty much says it all!