Please help St Clement Danes Church

Dear All,

I very rarely ask for the help of this amazing community, but could I ask you to do a little something for me?

As some may have noticed, St Clement Danes Church has recently moved into the online world with a new website and social media channels.

St Clement Danes Website

There is an amazing way in which you can support the church and it won’t cost you a penny.

Could I ask that everyone take a minute and subscribe, like, follow etc on the church’s social media please?






As you may know gaining a larger audience on social media boosts the profile of the church, the church then has a greater reach, and is able to fund raise more effectively.

Despite being the central church of the RAF and RAFAC :wink: , it receives no funding from the RAF and has to raise it’s own funds - I know you know what that feels like!

So if you could take just a few clicks to help promote the church’s social media presence it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



Do they have a easyfundraising page where they could get those associated with the church to raise pennies and even link it out so many others could raise pennies. The only thing I like about churches is the building (Non Believer)

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There’s many ways to give to the church.

They’re leading with amazon smile, that way amazon donates when you do your shopping! It’s early days but it’s starting to work.

Very good cause - they need to amend the spelling on their Fb page:

The central church of the Royal Air Force and perpetual memorial of rememberance

Good spot :wink: