PLCE Belts - Replacement buckles

I have found lurking in stores three PLCE Belts, but they are all missing the female end of the plastic buckle. I have all the bits to make up the webbing, but will be useless if the cadets can’t secure it.

I am lead to believe they are also called “Nexus” buckles.

Does anyone know where I can get replacement clips? My local surplus store only has the 50mm clips.

I’d rather find replacements, rather than have to buy three new belts.



Just to let you know, after some digging I have found a place online that that can supply the required buckles. I have added the link below, in case any other units need replacement parts.

The buckles are 60mm.

Nexus are the manufacturer and they make good buckles. But you could also search for “fastex buckle” and “side release buckle”. There are various quality in various price ranges out there.