Place your euro 2020 final result guesses here

Roll up, roll up… place your overly descriptive guesses here…

Rekon it will be 2-1 to Italy at end of first half. Kane scores an equalizer mid through 2nd half.
Stalemate leading into extra time.
Italy make it 3-2 in final 10 minutes of extra time.

Not gonna lie, cant see it happening for us.

Im in the 2 - 0 Italy bucket… Just far too good

I reckon 3-0 Italy

The irony of 4-2 Italy AET mirroring 1966.

But I think 2-1 Italy.

I recon Italy will win 3-1 but the wife says 2-1 Italy.

I think the English goalkeeper and defence may well be tested harder tonight than all the games combined.

2-1 England

I’m with @big_g 3 -1 Italy. Rashford or Sterling get the consolation goal.

National Moanathon lasts another 25 years.

Southgate sacked and replaced by a journeyman manager.

Did you wake up on the optimistic side of bed today???

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Trust me, that’s me at my optimistic best!

0-0 and England win 1-0 after extra time.


3 smashed ambulances and 2 burning police cars.


2-1 Italy if it finishes in normal play, I can see it going to penalties though.

1:1 - AET 1:1. Penalties with Sterling and Walker missing.

0-0 full time.
1-1 extra time.
England win on penalties.

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Pickford will be our undoing. He’s most likely to do something rash or stupid…

His distribution of the ball is awful and if he gives possession away time after time to a team like Italy we will struggle to get a look in.

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I would expect him to do well if it does come down to Penalties, but you’re right his distribution has been shockingly times.

2-2, and down to penalties

I’m not going to watch, as everytime I do, we lose.

Eng to be on top for the first 60. If Eng can hold on for 2-1 in normal time. If Italy can equalise and it goes to extra time then italy will win it

All bets finished.

Her we go.
God speed.

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