Piercing rules with uniform

I’ve recently gotten my nose pierced and I know eventually I’ll have to take it out to do stuff with the atc. Just wanted to know is it against the rules to wear it with a plaster over it until it’s healed ? Thankyou

That will come down to the discretion of your staff. On my Squadron Indont have an issue with it but we expect there to be a set timeframe for when it can be taken out.

Thankyou, but when I do things outside the squadron will there be a problem with it ?

Really does depend on who’s in charge on the individual activity.

A strict interpretation of the rules would say you have to take it out no other option, a more reasonable view would be that we aren’t the Grenadier Guards and therefore allow coverings short term for new piercings.

Okay thankyou, thankfully I have time before I go to any ‘official’ sorta events.

In my opinion you’ve agreed to becoming a member of an organisation and agreed to play by its rules.
Those rules state no piercings, you’ve opted to have it done anyway.
If you were my cadet I would interpret that as turning around and sticking two fingers up to me by flouting the rules.
You would be asked to leave until such a time as you are able to follow the rules.
Unfortunately their is no such thing as OC’s discretion or interpretation when it comes to the dress regulations, those that allow their cadets to flout it really do my head in.

I had a similar situation with an officer, eventually she was told to take it out or resign her commission.

There is a difference between a cadet who has just had it done covering it over until it’s ok to remove it and those who refuse to remove it when they can. I had one of those and started sending her home as she wasn’t in uniform.

At the end of the day we have our cadets for what 4 hours a week, for us to try and control there bodies in this way is quite frankly RUBBISH! We are the Air Cadets not the Hitler Youth.

Not under the rules there isn’t.
I am not saying that the rules are correct, just that they are the rules.

Last time I checked, as an Officer I’m expected to exercise judgement. As far as I’m concerned this is a non-safety related rule and I will therefore use my judgement when I have this sort of situation.

I trust those that are hard line stick to the rules type do not wear poppies on their number one’s? If they do (and only you will know) does that not smell of double standards as rules are rules…

Bad example… Poppies have been authorised for wear in uniform, including No 1 and when on parade, for a number of years.

Regarding piercings, I’d take the similar view that if it’s covered whilst in uniform during the brief healing period then that’s okay.
The RAF are quite happy these days for people with tattoos, say, on their ankle, to cover them when in uniform. If the parent service can take a pragmatic approach then so should we.

Exactly, hell I’ve seen regulars with uncovered neck tattoos that will never be covered by No1’s and nose/tounge studs in uniform!

Oh no, here comes double standards on my side. When I was a regular I had a young lady work for me and she often wore a tongue bar. I was insistent that she not wear it at work. Not through sticking to dress regs but through H&S & FOD issues. She worked on the Gas Turbine Starter GTS) and the tongue bar anchor nut would have caused havoc if lost inside a GTS. As for poppies being a bad example, I think it just shows that the over arching policy is NO. However, local commanders give authority to wear. This proves that even though the main policy is laid down in stone, flex is in the system to allow local commanders to make a commonsense call.

Sorry grumpy you have lost me on your problem with Poppy’s … It comes from the RAF when and where to wear a poppy not at local level

The official policy is “yes” and has been for some time.

[quote=“AP 1358”]
Poppies. The Royal British Legion Poppy may be worn from the onset of sales and until the National and local observations have concluded. Only the conventional paper poppy is to be worn on parades at the discretion of the event sponsor (with the exception of personnel on ceremonial duties at The Cenotaph). A plain enamel badge may be worn with Mess dress at the discretion of the PMC of CMC accordingly.[/quote]

Sorry, I stand corrected. It used to be we could not wear them on No 1’s even though we all did. Thanks.

The RAF and ATC saw the light a couple of years ago and changed the rules (which were widely ignored before)

Just to point out, the regs do not prevent piercings. They just don’t allow any item to be worn in the piercing when on duty.

"Body Piercing.

0156.All Personnel. Where any part of the body, other than the ear lobe for women, has been pierced or prepared, whether for any ring, stud or sleeper, no such items are to be worn when on duty.Similarly, when not in uniform but on duty or representing the ACO, the wearing of body piercing jewellery, trinkets or rings etc is not permitted, nor at any time when it may be seen to hold the ACO in disrepute or adversely reflect upon the RAF. This ruling includes tongue studs."

I agree with Daws1149 though on discretion for new piercings.

I would say so. When I was in the RAF I had plastic surgery on my nose and wore a large plaster for weeks. When it came off my nose was pure white which contrasted with my otherwise brown face. Nobody said a word and that was 40 years ago when the world was a lot less tolerant.