Piercing Advice

So just a bit of advice really. I am a Sgt on my sqn and I have had a double lobe piercing in 1 ear and a single in the other for about a year and each time I attempt to take them out they bleed or are extremely painful (I have had issues in the past and I think I have issues with healing. I’m planning to see my piercer but I don’t have the time to book and appointment and I don’t want to risk an infection by taking them out). So due to this I just cover it with ear tape, no staff have said they had an issue with this, only once when I didn’t have them covered.

However, there is a Flt Sgt on my sqn who has started to give me warnings about the piercing which I am covering up, where the next parade night will be my final warning. I have explained I tried to take them out but didn’t go into full detail. The only issue I have is she constantly wears and uncovered helix piercing, and has been for a while.

We were told that higher ranks are supposed to set an example but at the same time I’m being pulled up on something where she is doing the same. If she were to talk to a member of staff about this or bring it up the chain of command, would it be a good idea to mention this? The only time a member of staff has pulled me up on this was when they were uncovered, since then, I haven’t been.

Easiest thing to do as you are an NCO is discuss directly with your CO and get their view and agree a way forward.

It then gives you top cover & when the Flt Sgt challenges you, you can direct them to the CO.

The Flt Sgt is probably trying to do the right thing but are being overly rigid & not allowing nuances.


If they are a cadet FS I’m not sure how this process fits into the discipline process laid out in ACP20. If the next time is being a final you might as well escalate it yourself.


As long as you’re covering it up then there should be no issue. If you are both cadets then speak to your Adult WO/SNCO as it’s their remit. If you’re staff then the OC should be your port of call (ps. It sounds like your piercing might be infected. Please prioritise getting it checked)