Photo restoration

With the very kind help of the forum I have been able to identify and correctly ribbon my great grandfathers and grandfathers medals.

I’ve got the medals on their original ribbons and put into some lovely frames. The frame has space for a photograph.

I have a superb photo of my grandfather in his uniform, but the photo of my great grandfather has some fairly substantial damage. It’s not awful, and you can clearly see him, but there is creasing and the photo has flaked away in places.

Does anyone have any experience in using photo restoration services? Any recommendations?

I think I’ll use the originals in the frame (original medals, ribbons and original photos that way) but would like a “fixed” version of the photos just to keep.

Thank you in advance!


Haven’t used these but they seem to be typical of the services offered in a large town/ city - although before lockdown, I do remember seeing some of the before / after photos in the shop window - & was very impressed.

Family history societies might be able to recommend - lots of damaged snaps from early 1900’s or earlier. That said, I guess “local” would be better - don’t want to lose the only existing photo in the post!

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Thanks @MikeJenvey - and Cambridge is local to me. I’ll give them a look!

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You going north or south to Cambridge? I’m in Royston this weekend gutting the in-laws garden

You’re very local to me too!

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Does this mean @GoodEgg is in Beds and Cambs wing…?

Could be Norfolk and Suffolk, or Essex, Herts and bucks… lots of counties close together round here!

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You don’t even know? They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

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You have my sympathies! (my brother used to live there)

I drive by the outskirts of Royston on my way to / from work…

Not a place I’d like my car to break down! :smile:

I married a Royston lass…I don’t know what you mean. :roll_eyes: