Photo on the my RAFAC app, and portal


I discovered that you can upload a photo to the My RAFAC app, and Cdt Portal.

A neighbouring sqn have it as a requirement that you have a Photo on those platforms, but nothing has ever been mentioned on my squadron and I was wondering if it was something I should do? If so, what are the requirements for the photo, and also, how do you get “verified” on the myRAFAC app?

If it’s a good thing to do , then I will do it. I don’t want to risk being told off for it on sqn.

Many Thanks

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You should have a photo as this is used as your cadet ID, now that the 3822 record book has been stopped.

It needs to be a passport style picture which clearly identifies you so no hats, sunglasses or anything that is going to block your face. Also, make sure it is just you. I would suggest a simple selfie would be suffice.

Your OC will approve the picture via their volunteer portal.

Ok, will my OC ask why I have one? I am guessing that I can re-upload an updated one in the future too?

You should be able to submit one that’s suitable.

It should be passport style - just have one taken on your phone next time you go to cadets so you can upload it.

No action shots where we can see your face or you’re holding the dog up etc

Do I need to be in uniform for this, or could I do it at home?


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The standard for MOD 90s (Service ID cards), for the RAF at least, is No. 2A SD (Wedgwood blue shirt, black tie, no jumper) and cropped to the bottom of the knot. Ideally, it shouldn’t show enough of your shoulders to be able to see rank (that way you won’t need a new photo on promotion).

OK, thank you. So that is the light blue Wedgewood shirt with the black tie in a Winsor knot?

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