Personal pictures


Listening to Jeremy Vine, they are discussing people having personal explicit pictures put online by an ousted partner.

In all of my life I have never been inclined or even thought about taking intimate pictures or film of me or my wife or girlfriends prior to that, let alone show anyone else. We’ve all taken pictures of people and had pictures taken doing silly things or in daft situations. There are few of me asleep during meetings, but I counter them as the meeting obviously wasn’t stimulating enough and ones of me asleep watching films on tele.

We’re all having a good giggle about it and are of the view if you’re daft enough to allow and consent to it then you have to accept the responsibility for your own stupidity. But then why anyone wouldn’t question it if in the height of passion someone gets a phone or camera out for a snap. If you need to take pictures or movies to ‘help you’, you need help. It’s bad enough watching idiots taking random pictures of things like a meal when they’re out and putting them on to social media. If people take pictures with out your consent or access pictures and then use these without your consent to bully / embarrass those in the pictures, they should have something nasty done to them and I have a list of things that should be done to them.


You might not, but we did when you were away :wink:



Mate chill out. People do what ever they want behind closed doors.

What annoys me, is if the Guy releases the pictures, he is charged under the new revenge porn laws.
But when I woman does it, it’s forgotten about and no one gets charged.

Hashtag double standards hashtag moving the goalposts hashtag what a joke hashtag equality?

If you don’t want pictures released, then don’t take any, simple. But you can’t pin your interests onto someone else. Certainly doesn’t mean you need help for doing it.

And Jeremy vine? Really. I think you need help for listening to that drivel. Never heard so much left wing, wet lettuce, limp wristed, hipster, knee jerk reaction rubbish that ignores facts, ignores common sense and ignores the real issues. He’s a doorknob. But then again, it is the BBC.


Is that based on an actual case study, or are you just assuming that there will be a double standard?

A google search for “woman charged under revenge porn law” gives plenty of results, including some from the UK.


From the cases I know of. Shame you never hear about it in the mainstream media. Being liberal wet lettuce types. Far too concerned about not upsetting people.

I also know of cases where the man and woman were caught doing the tango, and the guy got
Smashed, offenders register And jail time, and the woman got off scot free!


Yep people can do whatever they like in private as long as they don’t whinge and bitch if it gets into the open. Which is what this is about.

As for discrimination : men are hung out to dry at the first sniff of anything; women it get’s in the press but less of a story and similar if men complain about things, laughed out of court and women they hang on every word and the poor bloke gets it big time and the bunny boilers get all indignant.

Even still I don’t get why you’d want to take pictures or videos, unless you’re some obsessed ZZZZZ list celebrity looking for a spotlight and getting asked to open an envelope.

What I think it does highlight is the real danger of mobile phone functions in the hands of people who shouldn’t be allowed out. As I said it’s bad enough of the sad acts who take pictures of meals or latest purchases or places/groups they’ve visited and put them on social media, because they think people give a to$$ … ahh that would include a large number of staff in the ATC at all levels.