Pers Form 4-01 Board Report

Hello all!

I’m currently waiting on “Pers Form 4-01 Board Report” before my appointment can be changed from applicant CI to appointed CI, does anyone know what this is?

considering I’ve been on squadron for a good few weeks now surely I should be an appointed CI?


Presumably depends on whoever boarded you to submit the report to Wing HQ. That can often take a while in my wing.

You aren’t appointed until the end of your 6 month probation.
Furthermore you arent appointed until you have…

  1. Completed all mandatory training.
  2. Have DBS in hand.
  3. Have completed bpss.
  4. Have attended avip.
  5. Have had your board report completed.

My understanding is also that the 6 month probation does not start until the date the DBS is logged on the system.

It’s not quite as straight forward as turn up and bang you’re in.

But of course…your Sqn OC will have explained that and assisted you with the joining process…:man_shrugging::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

You can’t start parading until the DBS has been signed off at Wing, but whether or not this should the start of a probation period is a moot point, given the time this can add, as Wing seems to need a hardcopy and not a certified scan.
IMO we should allow attendance with supervised contact, while the MOD get their finger out ref DBS and keeps people involved.

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Pers Form 4-01 should be loaded onto your application on SMS and you should see on the front page of your VP screen.

Be aware thought, and I went through this, it has to be saved as ‘Pers Form 4-01’ in the ‘files’ tab, if not it doesn’t show up.

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I went from Applicant CI to CI (Probation). I was not allowed to attend Sqn until this had changed. You then remain as CI (Probation) until completion of all mandatory training, AVIP and 6 months. For me, the board report was uploaded a couple of days after the interview with the Sector Cdr.