Peer Support Networks

Hi All,

I just wanted to throw out an idea I’ve had.

I’ve studied a number of qualifications through the cadets and I am currently working towards one of the CFAV C&G Awards. I’ve found it to be quite a lonely process with little interaction from my tutor and can only imagine that some of our cadets find it challenging also.

What would be the general opinion of creating some peer support groups from up the chain which could be run by staff who had previously completed the same qualification ie. BTEC, C&G and a CVQO group for those currently completing the qualifications?

Feel free to contribute - I have a number of positives and negatives already in mind but it would be interesting to see what others think

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Not a bad idea and any help is good help

Personal I’m doing a level 7 in Leadership and management. Biggest challenge for me is finding time to do it. Some of the standard areas are a tad vague aswell and you never know which direction to go in


Maybe the simplest and least admin or process heavy way would be a teams group?
Keep it informal and it’s a helpful setting to share docs, chat and video etc.

Just a thought.


I like this idea! Just thought it would be a good way of linking together with others! As Alex has mentioned, some of the standards are so vague and it would be nice to even see how others interpret it!