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Morning all. I’ve been asked as cadet IC of my section to ensure that the rest of the NCOs are also paying compliments to staff when they arrive (CCF section, so we are usually formed up before our OC arrives). Usually Cpls and above stand at the front along with myself and the rest are formed up facing us. What is the correct way to pay compliments here- should everyone salute, should I bring the section to shun?

I haven’t had any instruction on how this is meant to be done so any input would be greatly appreciated.

We are no Americans, only one person salutes the commission, this being the section lead and typically the senior bod out front

Typically when an officer arrives on the parade you will bring the flight/squad to attention, turn towards the officer and pay compliments.

They should return the compliments and then advise on what they require… i.e stand the flight at ease/easy etc. Or if it is an inspection you would usually stand the rear ranks at ease while the front rank is inspected.

When the officer leaves the parade it’s the same process. Bring everyone to attention and then pay compliments, they return the compliments and go back to the gin bar leaving you to deal with the flight.

I will caveat it will be slightly different if it is the end of night formal dismiss where you conduct an officer on parade dismiss.

FWIW I’m CCF and I agree, this is what I’d expect too. Your Army section may be less disciplined about it but my RAF section definitely expects the NCO i/c to come to attention, bring the parade to attention, about turn, salute me, wait for further instructions, salute again, and carry on (usually I say ‘thank you, stand them at ease’ and then I chat…)

Thanks everyone- this is very helpful!

Just as a quick one I do as an officer is make sure is said between myself & the cadet NCO on parade is hearable by all. That way the other cadet NCOs & cadets once promoted know wha needs to be said rather than guessing all the time. Too often I’ve seen people mumble the words quietly and then no-one really knows what needs to be said.

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