Pay-as-you-go training aircraft for the RAF

Just seen the headline “Pay-as-you-go RAF training jets could cut costs for MOD” thought it was an interesting read/topic, here’s the aircraft’s Wikipedia page. Will be sad to see the hawk go.

Be interesting.

As the article states we lease Voyager already.
Similar agreement was with the C17s too I believe. But we ended up fragging the airframes to the point where we had to buy them after the lease period.


I knew we already had similar schemes, didn’t know about having to buy them after the lease though. Would certainly be an interesting debacle if we have to do that with these new aircraft.

And then bought a few more because, surprise, they’re pretty good.

Can’t see this scheme working. Unless your definition of working is making money for shareholders and not being an effective tool for the RAF…


Carillion cough, cough.