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I’m asking this quite optimistically (think of it as an endorphin blast after this mornings parkrun). (To clarify my optimism this was only my 3rd parkrun)

But has anyone considered/would it be possible to get cadets involved with volunteering (or taking part in) weekly parkruns?

Apart from the normal paperwork, what additional requirements would be needed on our end?

I assume(?) it could be used towards the volunteering section for DofE, 1hr per week, not-for-profit org.

Probably a bit harder to justify it toward the physical section unless they practice throughout the week too (otherwise it probably won’t meet the 1hr minimum)

Just asking as my local run is always looking for volunteers.

Kett Parkrun
A quick Google search shows it has been done! I did Parkrun + other running for my physical and Junior Parkrun for my volunteering which worked well. That being said, I’m not sure what the rules are for a squadron to get involved


We’ve had cadets participate in our local Parkrun but never done it as a squadron thing.

Local clubs often do parkrun ‘takeovers’ where they will provide all of the volunteers for a specific event. Something similar could be done for a Squadron to do the takeover and man all the Marshall points. Not sure if there are any age requirements bit I’m sure a chat with your local event director would answer.

Squadron wise I would assume it would be like any other marshaling type events that cadets get involved with.

Edit to Add: I’ve often seen the run director signing off Dof E volunteering forms for people helping with marshaling.

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I’ve had Cadets use it both as volunteering and as part of their Physical Sectikn.

We didn’t organise it for them however, they did it off of their own back. (I tend not to directly organise anything for them aside from the Expedition).

The ones who used it as a physical also logged runs during the week to make the tone up.

Not overly sure why you would want to make it a sqn “thing” as this would invariably mean staff involvement. Also make it a sqn thing and it suggests a degree of compulsion, think back to school and the joy of cross-country running. You’re better off just saying it’s there if you want.

Like above we’ve had a couple of cadets use these for DofE physical (not at our suggestion) and like the majority of DofE I encourage cadets to find things of their own, rather than relying on us, after all it’s their award and we just facilitate their participation.

@Teflon Do you have to be so negative all the time? Genuinely my heart sank a little bit when I saw you were replying to this topic.

I asked because I’ve started doing it personally, I really enjoy the atmosphere and I want to be able to ‘help*’ my local run, and if I’m going I might as well see if it was possible to bring some cadets along at the same time in order to facilitate that.

I never said I’d force anyone to participate.

*I’ll be aiming to volunteer myself once a month before you say “if you want to help why don’t you volunteer”


Sounds to me like if there is one locally its a relatively easy, straightforward activity that doesn’t take up too much time, to get the Cadets out and been seen doing something for the community increasing visibility, probably getting D of E bits signed off, and low risk and easy to manage Covid wise.

By all means do it yourself, but we have to be careful how we get cadets involved. If WE suggest it, by virtue of there being a member of staff present the implication could be is it is an “Air Cadet activity”, especially if said member of staff had suggested cadets attend. If something went wrong and a cadet got hurt and the parents got iffy and went after us for compensation, it could get awkward. Would this happen unlikely. We used to have a ‘private venture’ form where parents would sign a waiver such that anything happen, they wouldn’t come after the Corps. The sqns I was on used it for museum and interest tips. This no longer exists and we have to go through the rigmarole of approval and everything that entails for practically everything.

The notion of this wrt DofE brilliant. We’ve had cadets do this for their physical off their own bat and they got one of the organisers to sign off. If more did it fine, but it would be of their doing.

I’m all for getting youngsters involved in the broader community, but unless it was an event we as a sqn were getting involved I wouldn’t suggest it. other than a poster on a noticeboard. If we find out about things going on we put the information on the noticeboards.

I imagine many of us do things outside of the Air Cadets which we think cadets might be interested in, in some way, but would we necessarily want them there?

Why would it get awkward?

I literally included the question in my first post about what paperwork would be required, in other words how could I run their opportunities to participate in either a running or volunteering capacity as an authorised activity.

At no point did I suggest doing it “off the books”.

Similar to having cadet teams attend BAOC (British Army Orientation Club) activities.

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Leave them. If they can’t take the time to understand and appreciate the enquiry by actually reading it and subsequent additions, it’s not worth your time and effort fighting.

Let them waste their time typing and not your time replying.