Parading two nights a week

I was asked a question by one of my CIs tonight, during a staff meeting. The question was - why do we parade two nights per week, and not one night - like most other youth groups.

To be honest, the question blindsided me, and all I could think of saying was “it’s historical”.

Since the staff meeting, this has now got me thinking - just why do we parade two nights per week? And more importantly, what’s to stop us dropping to one night?

Nothing stopping you as long as your 12 hours a month are covered. Assuming that rule stays extant what with the changes afoot.

That was one of the reasons for two parades a week I guess when Little was done at the weekends. Now there’s a raft of things on people’s calendars doing the minimum is easy peasy

Think we did this thread a few weeks ago

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This was indeed covered a couple a weeks ago and I stated then that we only parade once a week which is sufficient.

you’ll be talking about this discussion?