Parades and Covid

As it’s nearly September and therefore soon the time for Battle of Britain Parades - does anyone know if there is an expected relaxation of the rules or are we still going to be restricted to “Representative presence but no marching”? National Gov’t restrictions were relaxed on 16 Aug but F2F Guide of 22 Jul still extant.
I also note that Benevolent Fund collections are still not allowed but no mention of RAFA Wings Appeal collections?

That’s a wexo question.

As I said in another thread marching isn’t important it’s the Act of Remembrance that is the important part. We only ever have a ‘representative presence’’ unless you manage to get every single cadet and member of staff to an event. In the cold light of day at a remembrance parades you need a cadet to lay a wreath and one to carry a standard, the rest is window dressing. We used to do 3 where it was car load at most, with a member of staff.
I’ve heard a rumour that our council is charging for road closures of all kinds (not just road works) and all route marshals have to pass a course. Which purely on the basis of a cost to close roads puts pay to any marching on roads, unless someone stumps up the cash.

As for collecting I get annoyed that we get cadets out and branch members (RAFA and RBL) can’t be bothered.

I used to have that same problem with RAFA and RBL standing back and expecting the cadets (and therefore staff) doing all the work at prev sqns but glad to say that both at current sqn are really good. There are always more RBL/RAFA members collecting than cadets and they welcome us to social events etc.

Opposite problem round here sometimes - RAFA and RAF turnout good but often clashes with Wing or other events, reducing Cadet attendance. Last year I was the representative presence at our local base’s cemetery - RAFA, one from RAF and just me from the Corps: all 3 bits of the RAF family still there, representing everyone else - very moving…

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