Parade night plan

Hi all, I am planning a parade night and I already know what to do. The staff have asked me to provide a plan and risk assessment, I was just wondering how I should set these out

Out of curiosity, what are you planning? This will affect your planning considerations.

For a lesson plan, I can provide you a template but it might be worth searching Google for inspiration to create a format that works for you.

Have your unit given you a copy of the RAFAC risk assessment form?

My first question would be: Have you been provided with the ‘correct’ training to teach you how to carry out a risk assessment?

Personally, I wouldn’t expect cadets to be responsible for providing one (with the possible exception of a properly trained Staff Cadet - and then, I’d be working with them to produce it).

I am planning a fun night where the cadets make planes out of cardboard and perform an airshow.
I have seen examples of risk assessments but they are for leadership and don’t really apply to me. I don’t have the RAFAC form though.

In which case your sqn staff need to help facilitate what you are doing and do the RAs for you. Or at least talk you through how to do it. You can’t be expected to do something that you aren’t trained to do!


Or without access to the correct materials.

I can see the value in getting cadets to RA stuff like this even on the understanding it may not be the final version after trained and experienced eyes get hold of it, but you have to be fair about it.

I would say don’t be so hasty. Did those RAs include “slips, trips, and falls”? or “use of scissors”? or “climatic injury”? or any number of things that might ALSO apply to your activity?

And watch out for the dirty camels


Thanks everyone, I’ll ask the staff to go through one with me

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I would say a general modelling/project RA would be sufficient.