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Hey all does anyone know roughly how many of the parachuting courses there are a year


I believe theres about 4 weeks pencilled out at weston on the green for parachuting camps. In my 17 years in the RAFAC ive only ever seen 2 calling notices for the course though


The 2019 courses can be seen here on Bader:

Apply for it and go for it!

One of the few regrets of my ATC cadet career was that I was offered a place on a course (then at Brize) in 1983, but it was the same week as my 1st year exams at poly’ so I couldn’t go :frowning:


I’ll ask my OC, thanks. I always come in here before asking my OC because you probably know how busy they are and don’t appreciate cadets asking things every 2 seconds


I unfortunately can’t access that resourse sorry :joy: sorry you missed out that’s a bummer


I found the documents on Bader by typing “parachute” in to the search box (to the right of the Region drop downs).

It was a real disappointment to miss the course but looking back at it now, it seems a bit funny - I had the option of missing the exams in the summer but taking them during the re-sits in September - the only problem with that was if failed anything, I wouldn’t be able to take them again 'til the following year. That seemed too risky to me. But I was more than happy to jump out of an aeroplane and trust my life to nothing more than a giant bin-bag and a couple of bits of string!

As i said before, if you get the chance, grab it with both hands!


Im feeling a reboot of exercise dutch courage should be organised!


You called!


Always wanted to do it years ago but never had time…if it happends again…im game

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