Does anyone have any info on how this is done in the corps? Targets only, not PvP obviously.

Do you need a certain qualification? Specific equipment, etc? Where can it be run?

No idea how it’s done in the ATC but the Cadet training team have a load of paintball SA80s with mags that can be used with targets as sn approved cadet activity.


I’ve just written a policy on it… yet to be released though.

We usually run it as a walk through lane, no particular qualification needed but we would advise working with someone who knows a little bit about it so you don’t get caught out.

Do you have the kit already?

If you can get an answer on the policy side I can intro you to my local CTT and probably get them to set up a demo.

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CTTs are a good resource for help if you do have a friendly one. Just remember we can’t do force on force like them.

We’ve run it before. Walk though style targets as @bob1 said.

Arguably the biggest risk management came around refilling cylinders from the bigger ones, and having someone who knows what they are doing is really important for that bit.

No policy yet, but would be good to chat with them on set ups

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Not yet.

If you’re buying kit from new then have a good chat with the big suppliers like justpaintball and BZ Paintball. We have some mag fed guns which were great to start with and great for limiting ammunition usage, makes things a lot more ‘realistic’ the the cadets. THe key is to go for something where parts will be available in a few years though, might cost you a few quid more to start with but in the long run will be cheaper.

Most of the time now we just let them have fun with it and put the hoppers on the top. Electric feed hoppers massively reduce breakages if they get over excited with the trigger as the gravity feed can’t keep up. Paint is generally cheap but don’t bulk buy too much as it can be a pain to store in the right conditions so can go soft or hard and become a pain.

Charging of bottles is a risk, we have dive tanks that we had made by a company called HPAC Armourlite in Bilston. They make loads of stuff and used to run the air lines at the large North v South at Swynnerton.

I have risk assessments and all sorts I can share, drop me a DM with your email and I’ll send stuff over.

I didn’t realise this was an option, how do paintball sessions normally run?

We’ve always run them as a side activity to a bigger day. Think Wing Field/Training Weekend. Cadets can come along and have some fun. Normally set up some targes in the woods (allocated area for paintball at Crowborough for example) and then there is a ‘lane’ that runs down the middle of the area that the cadet follows, individually, and escorted.

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Same, we use either a walk through lane on some DTE or something like the OBUA building at Swynnerton.