Page spacing gone "off"

BOth on Chrome and IE the page spacing has shifted. has something changed in the last 24hours?

the “scroll bar” on the right hand side has now infringed the RHS of the comments box, not by a lot but enough to get in the way and make reading difficult…

is anyone else seeing this?

No. have you tried clearing your temporary internet files?

yes with no luck

see the image the scroll bar gets in the way.

this website is changing i now see a red line showing new topics since my last visit…obvious some work is being done and this is the outcome…???

I’ve updated the site to a newer version, but looks like some css code has gone awry!

I’ll take a look.

Thanks for the feedback


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any better? That’s a mix of old and new…


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yup!! that works…it is all inline and readable now!