Paddle sports logbook day for southerners

@Redowling, I dunno, somewhere that isnt 4-4.5 hours from Bristol on a good run?

Any paddle able lakes in the Cotswold water park?

If not the one in South Wales I took pEp and Batfink to a few years back may have some water in it now?

lots I am sure - they hire boats to use on the lake there so can’t see why it wouldn’t be suitable.

Yes, I’ve been to the cotswolds lakes but they’re small.

I didn’t come with you to Wales I don’t think, just the river day.

And is that all? 6 is average for me I think.

That’s based on optimum drive conditions. The reality will be far longer.

Sorry to throw in a curve ball, but are there suitable places near London?

Whilst I’m not near London, there are a distinct lack of centres in the East, and accessing London from almost anywhere in the East is easier than trying to get across the country to the Lakes or Wales.

Nothing of a decent size I don’t think - for large open water venues there are relatively few really.

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Hawley Lake?

Bewl water is probably the biggest…

Well if you go there I might come and join you. That’s pretty close to me!

I’ll fly around you all if you do :sweat_smile:

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I’ve done Bewl, it’s quite nice. Happily go there again, or play on the Medway’s canoe shoots

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