Paddle boarding

Simple question and I believe I know the answer but I will bow to someone else’s superior knowledge of the wetter side of adv trg. Is paddle boarding an official corps activity, are we allowed to do it?

Yes, and some other characters.

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ACATI 029 is what you want to read! :slight_smile:


easiest route is to have a L2 (or modern equivalent) with BCU SUP DSU (unless things have changed recently!)

There are stand alone SUP courses that are accepted too. Or even if you are going the BCU route Paddlesport Leader is sufficient. (Depending on what you wants to do and where).

One of the Corps’ most well known AT bods wouldn’t sign off a paddleboading session unless the instructors had done the DSM…

Does his name begin with a C?

How did you guess? :see_no_evil:

Is this someone from Fairbourne?

The Paddlesport Instructor course I did allows you to run intro sessions on essentially any craft. We practiced this on SUP, Canoe, Kayak, Riverbugs, Rafts and an large plastic crocodile.

It was epic.


I think k it depends which of the million BCU Quals you are using. (I’m no expert on Water Sports it’s the eel area in my knowledge).

Some of the older ones you needed the Module but I don’t think you do with the newer ones.

I’m sure that @redowling will be along with his Paddle Spirts Encyclopaedia any minute now! :smiley:


That is all very interesting and ACATI 029 does seem to cover it but ACP 300 does not specifically list paddle boarding as an approved activity.
ACP 300 excert

as it has been said in the past if its not in ACP300 we cant do it. Is this an oversite?

You rang?

The SUP DSM is designed for ‘older’ coaches (i.e. UKCC L1 / L2 coaches) who need to upskill to run sessions using SUPs. There is no real assessment component to the DSM - it’s exactly that - a support module for those who have the coaching background to develop people’s technical skills. As I understand it, it will eventually be retired as a module but it seems to have persisted for quite a long time for some reason.

Newer qualifications (e.g. Paddlesport Leader) are ‘craft specific’ - i.e. you lead from a single craft (but can run multi-craft sessions) unless you can demonstrate that you have an appropriate level of skill in the new craft you wish to lead from. This is normally done by the achievement of a Personal performance Award in the new craft - e.g. Canoe Award, SUP Sheltered Water Award etc.

Our policy technically allows a DSM + Paddlesport Leader as an appropriate combination though if I remember correctly, although I don’t necessarily agree with it and would recommend people do the PPA instead as you get much more input from it.


@the_silverback look under ‘S’ for Stand Up Paddleboarding.

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Yeah that’s the way the only Squadron in my Wing that rinds Paddlesport runs SUP.

Yep, and the reason I don’t necessarily agree with it is that the SUP DSM has no wind requirements on it. As a Paddlesport Leader you can operate in Sheltered Water - i.e. up to Force 3.

So those operating with a SUP DSM have never been assessed paddling that craft at the top end of their remit as they have with their primary leading craft. Unlike if they hold a SUP Sheltered Water award where they should complete their assessment in conditions including F3 winds.

I wouldn’t block it as our policy allows it but I would pay much more attention to the venue / instructor and plan.

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That will be why I can’t find it…I suppose dragon boat racing would be under D then, No its there under P with all of the other paddle sports except canoeing and kayaking which is under C.

Hey, I didn’t write it…blame the MOD.

Yeah for me I would be asking lots of questions if it was out of Very Sheltered Water.

Not blaming you RED, it seems to be made difficult to find things.

Who’s been saying you can’t do SUP stuff then?