Reasonably rhetorical. Second and third Sig in the techie world. In terms of other section different levels of auths. Training wise, not so much.


I know the D&C WO well and he is not someone who struts around at all. If anyone in the Corps deserves a pace stick as a badge of office then it is him. He is also responsible for some major parades that do require pacing out.
RWOs, WWOs or deputy WWOs, maybe, but just on major parades. Most definitely not if you have just passed a course in walking in straight lines!


Not questioning the effort any CFAV puts in, but why does any need a pace stick as a “badge of office”?


Exactly. It’s a bit like a Skill at Arms Instructor insisting on carrying a rifle everywhere they go as a ‘badge of office’.


Or a pilot with a big watc… Wait a second


No. They are command advisors, though they may be empowered to take charge of certain tasks.

Think of it like an Army RSM - if you’re a corporal, your chain of command goes Plt commander, company commander, CO. But the RSM will certainly take an interest in you, and is also in charge of discipline, dress, etc and so is empowered to act in those areas.


Same as a Station Warrant Officer, they first among equals.


It’s authority within an area of responsibility, which is very common.

A parallel you could draw is that it’s very possible that you will have a Sgt in charge of an activity as a SQEP, with a FS 2I/C (again SQEP), a discip WO, and a Flt Lt Instructor.
Within the confines of that, you have a CoC outside of the rank structure.

As such, those with direct responsibility for the roles and conduct of SNCOs (and higher-level snco-type activities) is delegated to a senior cadre of SNCOs, with scope to manage certain situations surrounding the SNCO Cadre at the behest of the CoC.

Those people, however, don’t always need their pace stick to do that job. (getting back on topic)

While I have seen poor examples of stick wielding master race strutters, overall the majority that I know are fairly sensible about it. And it really annoys me that ALL NCOs are being discussed with equal disdain, because of the actions of SOME members of A SMALL PROPORTION of NCOs.


The whole debacle is a bloody tragedy. Which rather sums up quite a lot of the last 10 years of the ACO…


The D&C WO is in charge of drill across the Corps, It is an individual appointment, achieved after years or organising parades and courses. I suggest that a pace stick should signify this position, hence my use of the term “badge of office”. Surely you would allow him to carry a pace stick?
As with most things, there is always a minority that affects the majority. The ability to carry a pace stick on parade should be limited to a very small number of people, not for people who complete a widely available course!


Does that mean that an officer who has organised many many parades should also get to carry a pace stick as well?


No they shouldn’t!!


But in your explanation a WO should, just for organising some parades?


You do the man an injustice.


ibbi: But in your explanation a WO should, just for organising some parades?

No I’m not. I am saying that the Drill and Ceremonial Warrant Officer should carry one. His role is to organise parades, advise and assist anyone regarding parades and drill across the Corps. Knowing the man, he works very hard and travels the country assisting as many staff and cadets as he can.
Officers never carry pacesticks in the military. Officers carry canes in the Army, but the RAF didn’t take up that tradition.


How ?


You obviously haven’t met the man or know anything about him. Save yourself from making this hole you’re digging a lot deeper and pipe down


I know the D&C WO. He’s a good guy, but I also know loads of officers who have organised a lot of big parades. None need to have a stick. Loads have the job of organising parades as a primary duty too.

So why do WOs need to carry sticks? To Gunners point, a skilly doesn’t carry a rifle…


I’m not sure what you are trying to suggest? Are you saying that no one should carry a pacestick?
Or are you saying anyone who arranges a parade should have one, regardless of rank?
Just in case I haven’t made myself clear, I will repeat my point. I am suggesting that the amount of pacesticks carried should be reduced to people appointed to a Senior Drill role, not just for passing a course.
I cannot see the point of your argument. No matter how involved an officer is with organising a parade, they will never carry a pace stick, as, I repeat, Officers don’t carry pacesticks!


I realise I might not have been entirely clear. My point is that pace sticks should only be carried when they are being used to mark out a parade. Not for anything else. Not as a “position of authority” or anything else.

If I’m honest I’d add in the wearing of white belts for DIs into this as well; a big why?